perfection is forbidden

18 years old.
live in wales, uk.

my little girls!
my boyfriend!

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I really dislike the TV and internet sometimes. It gives us a perception of relationships that are soo untrue. We all think that a boy just knows how to be romantic. When really the only reason they know is because they’ve also watched the TV, then almost all your average male thinks ”that’s not real it’s just on TV” so therefore, even though they know what girls like, they do not do those things because they don’t think it’s real life. 

Therefore, we have a vicious circle.

Women want romantic - Romantic is on TV - Men see the romantic on TV - Men think the TV is make-believe - Women don’t get romantic - Women want romantic - Romantic is on TV..

so on and so on…


- cwtches.
- tell her shes loved.
- make her laugh.
- include her in most things.
- have moments where you’re just by yourself cwtching, kissing, talking, connecting.
- to want her.
- miss her when shes not around.
- argue with her, scream and shout, let her get her anger off her chest, then hold her tight and kiss her.
- take her out without moaning about money ect.
- stick up for her in ALL arguements she has, including against your friends, no matter how big/small.
- make her feel like the most important person in your life.
- trust her.
- be loyal to her.
- love her.

BUT MOST OF ALL she wants you to WANT to do all those things.


First scan was on the 13/06/2013 found out I was 11 weeks and 3 days<3